T-shirt "Hate is too great a burden to bear."


Capture history and join the conversation in this unique shirt from the Beloved Community Talks. MLK's quote reminds us love is the answer hate us too great a burden to bear.

"And I say to you, I have also decided to stick with love, for I know that love is ultimately the only answer to mankind's problems. And I'm going to talk about it everywhere I go. I know it isn't popular to talk about it in some circles today. And I'm not talking about emotional bosh when I talk about love; I'm talking about a strong, demanding love. For I have seen too much hate. I've seen too much hate on the faces of sheriffs in the South. I've seen hate on the faces of too many Klansmen and too many White Citizens Councilors in the South to want to hate, myself, because every time I see it, I know that it does something to their faces and their personalities, and I say to myself that hate is too great a burden to bear I have decided to love. If you are seeking the highest good, I think you can find it through love."

Excerpt from a speech delivered by Dr. King. at the 11th Convention of the SCLC, August 16,1967 Atlanta, GA.

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